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Children Educational Mini Board Book

Board Books are made from durable boards, laminated with strong binding and designed for tough handling by little hands. A great way for pre-school children to learn, recognize and name familiar objects. Designed for toddlers aged one through three, board books are gentle introduction to learning alphabets, numbers and first words.

22 pages
Full colours printing
Size: 95 x 95 mm

Type Options:
Colours (FA 2031 E)
Shapes (FA 2033 E)
Capital Letters A-Z (FA 2034 E)
Alphabet (FA 2035 E)
First Words (FA 2038 E)
123 (FA 2039 E)
Fun in Counting (FA 2040 E)
Clothes (FA 2043 E)
Favourite Food (FA 2046 E)

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